Thursday, October 2, 2014

Truly, Madly, Deeply

I get a journal prompt every day and the alternate for today is have you ever been truly, madly, deeply in love with anyone? What is the difference between that and just loving someone? The answer to the first question is yes, two people, actually. My husband and my little boy. Obviously that love manifests in a little different ways with those two people, although I suppose in some ways they are the same, too. For instance, I cook for both of them. Nourishing their physical bodies on a very regular basis. I also give them hugs and kisses. And well, I had to do something else with my husband to get that little should know what that is, if you do not, it is not up to me to tell you that here. Anybody can do those things though, not that just anybody should, but that is another story all together.

So, what makes it different? For starters, there is the doing things that you do not want to do, and I do not mean just getting up and getting someone a drink, or watching something that you do not want to watch on TV because someone else wants to, but those things that you really do not want to do. Giving things up for the sake of the other person, things that really matter to you. For instance, having children. Yup, I have one now, but he took a long time, and he only came after I gave up the notion of ever having him. At first, because Ben decided he did not want kids, and then after he changed his mind, the fact that I just plain did not get pregnant for a long time--several years. The moment I told him I was pregnant, though, any notion that may have lingered about him not wanting kids went out the window and when he got to see and hold our tiny, little baby boy, I am pretty sure his heart melted.

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